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Chirrp Golf - makers of the Chirrp Putting System. Enjoy Putting. Have Fun. Get better.

Chirrp Duel

Competitve practice is the best practice.  With Chirrp, you can have a putting duel in-person or online against another player. 

Duels pit players against each other in a best of 5 round match.  Each round consists of three putts from random distances.  Feeling the pressure of having to make a putt to win the round adds focus that you can’t get with other practice putting systems.

Watch the Duel

Duel Online – become a Grandmaster Putter

Battle online against your friends or against bots.  Each battle changes your ELO rank – a rank of your putting skill against the entire field of Chirrp putters.  It’s the same system as used by the International Chess Federation.  You’ll know you’re the best when you top our ELO ranking list.

Watch the Duel

Hurricane – make 8 in a row or get blown back to the start

Hurricane challenges you to make 8 random putts in a row.  You can complete the challenge by simply making 8 putts, but to attain total victory, you must achieve an average score over 90.  Each time you miss, the hurricane resets and gives you a new set of putts.

You can also choose specific distances if you want to work on repeatability at a certain distance.

Watch a Hurricane

Daily 30 – Keep your putting confidence high

This video is a screen recording of a Daily 30 session. Daily 30 is a 5 minute putting workout where you practice 4, 6, and 8 foot putts in sequence and then in random order. It’s a great way to keep your putting fine-tuned.

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The Chirrp Leaderboard

See How You Stack Up

Our leaderboard shows your stats versus the entire field of Chirrp putters.  You can access the leaderboard via the “leaderboard” tab on the “Chirrp” page in our app or via the leaderboard link at the top of our website.

We track putting stats on weekly, monthly, and quarterly intervals.  See if you can be the best putter for a week or even for all time.

View the Chirrp Leaderboard

Flatstick Time – quaity time with your putter

Flatstick time is our default practice mode.  Challenge yourself to make 100 in a row (Celma has!).  Practice from 4, 6, or 8 feet and take as many or as few shots as you like.

Repetition helps you start your putts online and builds the muscle memory to refine your speed control.

See Flatstick Time