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Chirrp Golf - makers of the Chirrp Putting System. Enjoy Putting. Have Fun. Get better.

Getting Started with Your Chirrp Putting System:


Your Chirrp’s infrared sensors need a controlled lighting environment in order to achieve the highest possible accuracy. Here are some tips to ensure all your putts count the way they should.


Here’s a rundown of first time setup of your Chirrp device. Follow this unboxing tutorial.


Your device requires some basic maintenance to elongate its life and keep your putts accurate and viable.

Getting Started with the App:


Tracking your stats and earning achievements requires a quick registration process. This video shows how to access these features


The Chirrp system is fun for the whole family! You’ll need to switch between accounts if you want your stats to be accurate.


Some people may not want to create an account. Simply log out and you can still use the device.

Game Modes:


Flatstick practice is the mode where you’ll probably spend most of your putting time. Work on your speed control and strike the gong at the center of the hole!


This game mode allows you to compete against a friend at home over the course of three rounds of putting shots from varied distances.