Chirrp Putting System


Chirrp Putting System

A sensor-enabled putting mat with a free iOS/Android app that tracks and scores every putt during your practice.

  • Connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Free iOS and Android apps to track your putting skill
  • Multiple practice modes to keep practice fresh
  • In-person competitive play – play against your friends and family
  • Online competitive games (coming soon)

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Putting performance in the palm of your hand, the Chirrp Putting System tracks every practice putt you attempt. Each putt is scored for speed accuracy and centering accuracy. You’ll learn whether you tend to pull the ball or leave the face open. Each day, you’ll improve your scores and master the art of putting.

A sensor-enabled putting mat and smartphone app to take putting practice to the next level. Sensors in the base relay the speed and position of the putt to your phone or tablet for analysis.


  • Stats and Analysis for Every Putt
  • Multiple Practice Modes
  • Historical Analysis and Tendencies
  • Competitive Online Game Modes
  • Feedback to Improve Your Game

The Chirrp Putting System gives you the knowledge to improve your putting game. You’ll take your speed control to the next level and will be a sharpshooter on the greens.

Supports iOS & Android
Our training app works on most iOS and Android phones and tablets. The phone in your pocket can become your best putting teacher with the Chirrp Putting system.

Multiple Targets – One System
The Chirrp target consists of three concentric rings. You can putt for the innermost zone (the “Birdie Zone”) to greatly refine your stroke. The base can track makes or misses in any zone.

Smarter Practice
Chirrp’s practice modes help you work on different aspects of putting: speed control, setup and execution, changing sightlines, etc., – all tracked automatically by the app.

Competitive Practice
Play putting competitions against other players online or in person. Real-time matches against other players really turn up the practice intensity.


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