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Detection Accuracy

Detection Accuracy

How accurate is the Chirrp Putting System?

Overall, we find the Chirrp Putting System accurate enough that we get a good challenge and excellent practice every time we use the device. It does occasionally fail to detect a putt. Using our prototype systems, we see a small number of misses depending on lighting conditions. Additionally, shadows can bias the putt results to one side or the other of the actual ball path as well as affect the speed calculation.

However, we are continually evolving the software analysis system to improve the accuracy of the system over time. Generally, we expect you’ll be satisfied with the detection accuracy. If the system ever makes a big mistake on a putt, you can use the “Fix Putt” screen to correct the putt scoring (unless you are in a competitive match).

We’ve found great success with our prototype systems and expect that our future users will find that the system meets your expectations.

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