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What game modes are available?

What game modes are available?

The Chirrp Putting System currently features three main game modes:

  • Open Practice – hit putts from the distance you choose while the system tracks your successes, speed, and plots stats about your session. Check out the Open Practice video here.
  • Daily 30 – you are required to putt 30 putts from distances randomly assigned by the system. The order of the distances changes every day and helps you practice setting up and striking a putt rather than putting a bunch of putts from the same distance. This mode is great for building confidence at creating a good stroke when stepping over the ball on your first attempt.
  • Duel – competitive duels are a fantastic way to work on your putting game. The duel system works in person or online (where you play against another owner of the Chirrp Putting System). In person, you add players to your app and then choose who will play against each other. The system then selects the player who will go first and the putting distances for each round. The duel is a best of five rounds with three putts per round. The first player to win three rounds is the winner. Each round consists of three putts chosen by the system (ie: 4ft, 4ft, 8ft). You may get three putts at a single distance or putts across random distances. The system tracks your score across all three putts and calculates your average score for the round. Your opponent putts the same putts and then you see who wins the round. It’s great fun and really brings the pressure. Good luck! Check out the Duel video here.

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