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Scoring Modes

Scoring Modes

Chirrp has many potential scoring modes. Depending on your choice during practice, you can set up the system to concentrate on speed (the default setting), accuracy, or varying degrees of both (casual, amateur, pro, insane). Speed-focused settings are mainly concerned with how close to the hole the ball ends up whereas accuracy-focused putts are mainly required to go in the hole and any that miss are scored much lower than putts that traveled through the cup.

We also plan to have a kids and family mode where the putting scores trend high and are forgiving for less accomplished putters. My kids enjoy putting on the system and it makes them better putters. As they get better, they’ll choose to putt harder settings to increase the challenge, but the easy settings make it fun for beginners.

During competition, our competition scoring mode is always used. This mode rewards putts that enter the hole dead center and then subtracts points for speed and distance from the cup. It is a tough scoring mode, but ensures that everyone has a fair challenge.

For competitions between players in person or in local groups, users will be able to set the scoring mode for the session.

Currently, our scoring modes are not user selectable, but these features are expected to be made visible to the user for the initial product release.

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