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What games are in the pipeline?

What games are in the pipeline?

We have a number of ideas/games in the pipeline for future expansions of the app. The nice thing is that we can add games nearly anytime through app updates and many creative ways to encourage practice are possible. Here are a few ideas we have that are either in progress or are on our future plans:

  • Bowling – Each putt you attempt is scored like a bowling shot. A 95 or above is a strike (“X”) and anything less is scored as a number of pins knocked down. For example, an 87 might be scored as an 8 count and you’d have 2 pins to get for the spare. A two pin spare would require a score of 85 or higher to make the conversion. Then we calculate a bowling score through a series of 12 frames – about 12-24 putts depending on your skill. See if you can average 200 – that’s a challenge, but it should be a lot of fun. This game will also feature league modes where you play a weekly match against other players online and tournament play. Currently, this game is a concept only.
  • Melee – similar to our duel, this will be a game based on rounds of 3 putts. We’ll start with a lobby full of players – perhaps 20 or 30 and we’ll putt a round. After each round, a fraction of the players 1/3 or 1/2 will be cut if they didn’t beat the average score. The result will be that after a few rounds, we’ll be down to two players who will hit one round of three putts to be crowned “Melee Champion”. We’ll issue champion badges and you can see how many you can collect over your putting career. This game is also only a concept currently.
  • Putting Course – wouldn’t it be great to putt one of the best courses in the world? We think it would be and our goal would be to let you putt eighteen holes on a simulated version of some iconic courses around the world. We’d drop the ball on the green and you’d have to read the putt to pick your line. Then you’d hit a putt of appropriate distance and see how accurate you putted. If you hit a bullseye, you’d have a good chance of the ball going in and would either one-putt or be left with a short tap in (which you would then putt). If the initial putt was 30 feet from the hole, we’d multiply your 8ft attempt by 3.66 in terms of speed to get an approximation for where the ball would have gone. That way we can simulate many distances and you can test your accuracy across many situations. This game is also only a concept currently.
  • Streaks and Challenges – there are many ways to practice putting and we have a large number of challenges that players can earn badges for completing in the app. There are challenges for making 20 six footers, 50 four footers, etc. Additionally, we have challenges that combine accuracy and speed such as 20 six footers with an average score of 80 (bronze), 85 (silver), and 90 (gold). When the system is scoring putts, it combines speed and accuracy to give an overall putt rating that increases the challenge versus simply getting the ball in the hole. Streaks are currently in development and are expected to release with the initial product release.
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